College Series Part #3: My Roommate Experience

Going off to college means that you will be experiencing a lot of “firsts.” A major first is that college will be the first time you are living away from home. Unless you are going to continue living at home and commute to school, or unless you decide to live alone off campus, it willContinue reading “College Series Part #3: My Roommate Experience”

College Series Part #2: 5 Tips on Choosing Classes & Professors

One of the most exciting, important, and stressful parts of college is choosing your classes. While it can be overwhelming the very first time you enroll during your freshman year, there are a few methods to the madness. Since I’ve only really attended one school, I will speak on my personal experiences based on howContinue reading “College Series Part #2: 5 Tips on Choosing Classes & Professors”

Going to College In A Big City: The Good & The Bad

It’s that time of year again where high school students are starting to think about life after high school. A lot of students already have their mind made up of where they would like to attend college, while many students will be visiting multiple campuses to see which one fits best for them.

Customer Service: My Experiences & Why Everyone Should Experience it Once in Life

I’ve always told myself that it takes a special kind of person to be able to (successfully) work in customer service. Someone who is outgoing, enjoys working with people, and most importantly, someone who has patience. In general, my personality doesn’t include any of those traits.