My First Experience Flying Southwest!

When it comes to traveling by air, there are tons of options when it comes to airlines. When it comes to U.S. based airlines, I usually find myself on American Airlines, United, or Delta. For European airlines, I usually fly Lufthansa, but I’ve flown Air France, SAS, British Airways, and a couple of other smaller airlines that are based in Europe.

I’ve known so many people who take Southwest, but since most of my travel has been international, I’ve never really had an opportunity to try it out, until now!


I’m currently on my Southwest flight returning to Atlanta from a 4 day trip to Chicago. Generally speaking, I’m pretty comfortable and confident when it comes to traveling by air because I do it so often that it’s second nature. With that being said, I have to admit I was a little nervous before my first flight with Southwest.

With their “no reserved seats” policy, the typical thoughts came to my mind—-“I hope I get a decent seat, and I hope my overhead luggage will fit.”

Once I got to the airport, I went straight to security since I only had a carry on and had my boarding pass on my phone. Once I got to my gate, I noticed their boarding process was different than I’m accustomed to. They board in groups (like most other airlines) of A, B, and C. However, once you know your group, you have a number indicating your placement in line to board the plane. Leaving Atlanta my group was C5 and leaving Chicago it was C7.

Leaving Atlanta, a lot of people showed up late, so I was able to get a window seat and my bag fit overhead with no problem.

Leaving Chicago, I decided to check my bag since I had done some shopping and bought a lot of liquids. Until my sister told me, I had no idea that Southwest lets you check two bags for free! I’m so used to other airlines charging you to check bags when traveling domestically, so they scored a lot of points for that in my book.

Another perk that I enjoy about Southwest is the ability to change your flight free of charge!

So what are my overall thoughts about Southwest? I’m a fan! I like all of their perks that make traveling easier. Traveling by air can get very stressful very fast, so they do a good job at making the experience seamless. I was nervous about not having a reserved seat, but since the boarding process is so organized, it leaves little room for too much unnecessary commotion.

I’ve downloaded the app and have signed up to start earning points. It’s a very convenient airline, especially if I’m just traveling from city to city within the States! Shout out to my sister for introducing me to Southwest! I will definitely be flying with them again!


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