5 Most Recent Netflix Recommendations

We all love good recommendations, especially when it comes to TV and movies. On my quest towards cutting the cord (more on that in a different blog post), I’ve been watching more Netflix and Hulu. I usually tend to use Netflix for movies and Hulu for TV shows (although Hulu has a lot of good new movies out as well). Netflix can be hit or miss sometimes, but in the past month, I’ve been able to find some good picks. Here is a list of movies I would recommend to those of you looking for something new to watch!

Friend Request

Source: Pinterest

Friend Request is about a popular college student named Laura accepting a random friend request from a socially unaccepted mysterious girl named Ma Rina. She becomes obsessed with being friends with Laura, ultimately causing Laura to unfriend her. After Laura unfriends her, Ma Rina commits suicide, causing nothing but trouble and homicide for Laura and her friends.

Last Shift

Source: Horrorpedia

Another psychological thriller, Last Shift follows the night of a rookie cop during her first assignment, which happens to be guarding a defunct police station (alone) during its final night. Throughout the night, the cop begins to realize the real reason as to why the police station is shutting its doors.

Perfect Sisters

Source: Netflix

Based on a true story, Perfect Sisters follows two sisters as they take care of their alcoholic mom and conspire to kill her. It feels like bliss and freedom until the whole school finds out, adding guilt and pressure to the girls as they prepare for their secret to be revealed to their family and the police.

Bonnie & Clyde

Source: New on Netflix

This classic is familiar to most, however this was my first time watching it. Follow the lives of Bonnie & Clyde from beginning to end as they embarked on their infamous, nationwide crime-spree.

The Bible: The Epic Ministries

Source: Amazon

The title is self-explanatory. The Bible consists of ten, hour long episodes that dramatize the most well known stories in the Bible, including Noah’s Ark, The Exodus, and the life and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, just to name a few. This series is great for those who want a refresher, or for those who are new to reading the Bible. While the events are obviously not exact, they do an excellent job of recreating the main events.


Most of my recommendations include horror, thriller, and suspense movies, but I find Netflix to do a good job with movies in those categories. Other categories such as comedy and drama are hit and miss for me. However, these movies are a great start if you are looking to branch out and watch something different! Let me know if you have any other recommendations on Netflix or Hulu!


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