I’ve Finally Gotten on the Power Bandwagon. My Thoughts & Predictions.

I know I’m about three or four years late to the Power party, but better late than never, right? This past Sunday, I decided to completely focus on seeing what the Power hype was all about. It is Friday, and I have officially completed all four seasons.

Earlier this year before season four started, I wanted to try to watch seasons one through three so that I could watch the new season when it aired. I tried two or three time to watch it and each time I never got further than episode one. It’s one of those show’s where you really have to be paying attention, and since most of the shows I watch are reality shows, I’ve become accustomed to doing other things while watching TV. That can’t happen with this show, or you will miss every important detail. So this time, I made it a point to stay off of my phone, pause the show if I needed to get up and do something, and so forth.

Once I started watching it, I was instantly hooked. I finished season one and half of season two in one day. Mind you, these are hour long episodes, 10 episodes per season. Since I’ve been sick all week, I was stuck in the bed anyway, so it was the perfect time for my life has been consumed with Power.

So what are my thoughts? Overall, I absolutely love the show. There are so many twists and turns, and for the most part, you are left on the edge of your seat about what is going to happen. During seasons one and two, everything for me was completely unpredictable. I never knew what to expect, and whenever something drastic happened, I was thrown off guard. I found Ghost and Tommy to be extremely smart in everything they did. Unknowingly to everyone around them, they were always ten steps ahead.

During the mid part of season three, I began to see a decline in the intensity. I felt like things started to become a little too predictable. One example being Angela putting Ghost in jail. Once Ghost broke up with Angela, it was too obvious that the next step would be her arresting him.

The first few episodes of season four were flatlined to me. There was no real excitement, no real buildup, and nothing to keep you on the edge of your seat. I guess that’s expected, seeing as how the main character was in jail for the first half of the season. For me, the season didn’t start getting exciting until the evidence of Ghost being innocent started coming to the light, which occurred around episode three or four.

I thought the finale episode was really good. It was probably my favorite episode of the whole season because it took me back to how all of the episodes were in season one and two. I was drawn in and on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen. The only thing that bothered me about the finale episode was the unrealistic reactions Ghost and Tasha had after learning of their daughter’s death. They were way too calm and were going about life way too casually. There were a lot of points in the show that were unrealistic, but this one was probably the most obvious. After everything that Ghost and Tasha had been through, this would have been a good opportunity for us to see them come together and console one another, but that wasn’t the case.

As for what I think will happen with the plot and characters in season five, it’s hard to say exactly what route will be taken, but I have a feeling that the premier episode will start at Raina’s funeral. As we know from previous seasons, there can never be an event or a moment where something doesn’t go left. I believe that during the funeral, the police will come in and arrest Tasha. When Angie was investigating Ray Ray’s apartment after Tariq killed him, she noticed a bullet lodged in the wall, and told the detective to look into it. Since everyone knows Tariq used Tasha’s gun as the murder weapon, the police will arrest her, thinking she’s the one who did it. Angela will think she is the one who killed Ray Ray since Tasha came by her office asking for information on where she could find her son. I think Tasha will be locked up for most, if not all of the season.

We saw at the end of the episode that Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan are back together and plotting to take Dre out. I’m so ready for them to kill Dre because he has been so two faced the entire season, somehow getting over on everyone, and he really just is so annoying to watch. I don’t really like Kanan either because I feel like his character doesn’t have too much of a purpose. I feel like he either needs to completely be with Ghost and Tommy and take part in things they do, or completely do his own thing and make drastic moves that serve a purpose. But his storylines are kind of dry to me and I think we can do without him.

Ghost will know that Tasha is innocent in the murder of Ray Ray, so I think he will go to Angela, tell her what happens, and ask for her help. A part of me feels like somehow and some way they will get back together, but I hope that’s not the case. Now that Maria, the girl that was kidnapped back in season one, has resurfaced, the attorney’s in Angela’s office will be back on Ghost and Tommy. Tommy still has the tracking device on his car, so I feel like at some point, Tommy will end up back in jail. I also think Tommy will begin working with the mobsters and his dad’s friends. Since Tommy’s dad had Sandoval killed for nothing in return, I think that will come back to haunt Tommy and his dad will end up asking him to do something for him.

As far as Tariq goes, I think his character will have a completely different role now. I don’t believe he can go back to being a regular prep school kid because he is now a murderer. I honestly am not sure what direction his storyline will go in, but now that we had to deal with his stupid antics all last season, and now that he has officially done work that aligns with what Ghost and Tommy does, I would like to see him become apart of the life. All of season four, we had to deal with him being disrespectful to Tasha and Raina, who is now dead because of him, all because he wanted so badly to be “hard.”

I think Ghost and Tasha will try and protect him, but once Tasha goes to jail for him, I think he will realize he caused all of these problems with his family, and at that point I think he will spiral out of control. So, I’m not sure what will happen with Tariq’s character, but I really hope they don’t let him just go back to being a “regular” kid after committing a murder.

All of these are just my guesses on what will happen next season based on what’s happened thus far, along with what I’d personally like to see happen. With shows like this, you never really know until you start watching. I’m glad I decided to start watching because now I am completely invested in it. I hate that I have to wait a whole year to watch it again, but they recently started filming the new season, so I’m sure throughout the year we may get some hints as to what to expect on season five.

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