Netflix Original Series Girlboss Review & Why It’s So Relatable

Netflix has been coming in clutch lately with it’s original series’, one of them being Girlboss. It premiered on Netflix on April 21, and I spent an entire day watching it.

Girlboss is a comedy series based on Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography #Girlboss. From reviews I have seen online, there are mixed emotions about the series. Some people loved it and some people felt it was unrealistic. Whether or not the series is meant to be an exact representation of Sophia Amoruso’s life (it’s not), I found it quite relatable to my own, so I want to share my thoughts on the series and also tell how I felt the show was a direct reflection of my personal life.

The basis of the show surrounded Sophia’s character on her quest to figure out life. That, obviously, turned into her creating her online store Nasty Gal. The show started with her at 23 years old, with barely any money, going from job to job, and even getting eviction notices. She stole everything from food to clothes, and it seemed like her life was going every direction except up.

Now granted, I’m not out here stealing clothes and food, but at 22, I could relate to her on trying to figure out this thing called life. It’s unclear whether or not Sophia attended college (maybe she did in real life, but based on the context of the show, I don’t think she did) but for me, I’m at that point where I finished college and don’t know what to do next.

After the routine of going to school for 10 months of the year for 15 and a half years, it’s kind of like “what now?” Yes, I know, the simple answer to that is “GET A JOB,” but I feel like I’m different in that sense. I don’t want to be cliché and say “I’m meant to be a star,” but I just feel like I’m meant to do more than sit behind a desk for 40+ hours per week. During my last year of college, I started telling myself that I don’t want to work in corporate America for the rest of my life. Granted, I eventually will end up getting a “real” job, but my end goal is to work for myself, and I plan to reach that goal by the time I’m 30.

In Girlboss, Sophia had this similar mentality, and it all started with a jacket. Being that she really enjoyed vintage clothing and thrifting, Sophia came across a jacket that was worth hundreds and she got it for nine dollars. So what did she do? She sold it on Ebay for a few hundred dollars. From that point on, she found her passion–flipping clothes. Something so simple turned her into a millionaire. Genius, right?

At this point, this was another reassurance for me that anything is possible, you just have to go for it. Why not take something you love and turn it into a business? Of course starting your own business will take a lot of time and, depending on what it is, a lot of money, but there’s nothing like getting paid for what you love doing, and calling all of the shots. Like my daddy always says “you might as well give it a try, because you have nothing to lose.”

All in all, I love the Girlboss series, and I think it is a nice way to see a young woman go from nothing to something. While we did see some struggles that Sophia dealt with when  she was trying to get her business running, we didn’t see a ton, and I think that’s one of the main reasons some people found it unrealistic (but I hear the autobiography goes into more detail about such struggles). The series is expected to have a season 2, so hopefully we will get to see some of the struggles that occurred once her business took off, and what exactly caused Sophia to step down as CEO in 2015, and more details on the bankruptcy.

I haven’t read the #Girlboss autobiography yet, but I wish I would have read it prior to watching the series. I hear it’s more accurate than the series and goes into more detail about events in her life. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the series, and I definitely plan on reading the autobiography.

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2 thoughts on “Netflix Original Series Girlboss Review & Why It’s So Relatable

  1. Love this review! It’s so hard to figure life out especially with all the options that are out there. Working for yourself is a very good choice; it may take time but it’s not impossible…😍

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