Shante’s Scents: Spring Fragrance Edition

Spring and summer are quickly approaching, and with warm weather comes new and fresh fragrances. I am a huge fragrance freak. I love for things (and myself) to smell good at all times. When you walk into my apartment, you are sure to get a nice whiff of the fragrance of the moment. My apartment is stocked with wallflowers, candles, and don’t get me started on my shower gels, sprays, and lotions that fully stock my bathroom. Needless to say, Bath & Body Works is one of my favorite stores.

So what are my favorite fragrances? Since it’s impossible to answer that with just one answer, I have a list of three fragrances, which include my standard favorite, and two of my most recent purchases to kick off springtime.

Moonlight Path


My mom introduced me to this fragrance, and now I consider it my go-to. It reminds me of a soft, baby powder smell, but it definitely is noticeable. Since it has a soft and fresh smell, I wear it when I’m not doing anything too special. It’s the perfect scent to make a statement, but it isn’t too strong or overpowering to wear when I’m doing a simple activity that doesn’t call for a powerful smell.

Scent Combinations: Night-blooming Jasmine, Blue Violet, Sheer Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Soft Musk

Waikiki Beach Coconut


Anyone who’s around me enough will soon realize that my preferred fragrances usually have coconut in it. This fragrance I picked up reminds me of a nice piña colada. In my mind, its smell is creamy mixed with fruity. It’s the perfect smell for summer and spring because it just smells like sunshine and freshness! I imagine I’ll be wearing this scent a lot this summer when I’m doing outside activities such as going to fests or the beach. It’s not too overpowering, but it makes a notable statement.

Scent Combinations: Beach Coconut, Pink Passionflower, Saltwater Breeze, Fresh Bamboo, Sun-bleached Woods

Fiji Pineapple Palm


I generally am not drawn to fruity fragrances. I usually walk past anything that blatantly has a fruit in it’s name because I usually find them to smell too fruity and unappealing. However, for some reason I was really attracted to this pineapple scent. You can smell the pineapple in it, but it’s not too in your face. It does have a much sharper smell than the Waikiki Beach Coconut, but it isn’t overpowering to the point that it becomes sickening. Since the smell isn’t as soft, I wouldn’t want to wear it on an everyday occasion. It’s something I’d wear once in a while to switch things up. Nonetheless, I really like the smell, and it allows me to go out of my comfort zone of coconut scents.

Scent Combinations: Island Pineapple, Mango Nectar, Palm Leaf, Toasted Sugarcane, White Musk


I find the spring and summer is a nice time to explore different scents. During the cold months, I stick to scents like Moonlight Path, and other fragrances that are soft and not so overpowering because it just doesn’t feel like the appropriate mood to wear extremely sharp scents. Plus, the spring and summer is usually connected to fruits and tropics, so it’s the best time to branch out and try scents that may be a little riskier than normal!


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2 thoughts on “Shante’s Scents: Spring Fragrance Edition

  1. I definitely enjoy Moonlight Path because of its soft scent. I will try the other fragrances as well. Nice post!…😊

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