The “Real” About Being Young and Unemployed

“You’re living the life.” That’s the response I get anytime someone finds out I don’t have a job. If I were them, I’d probably say the same thing. But what’s it really like to be 22 years old and unemployed?

My situation is probably different than most people who are unemployed. Luckily for me, I have parents that are supporting me during my time of unemployment. Even more reason for people to think I’m “living the life,” but here’s how it really is.

I hate for the week to start, but not for the same reason most people hate for the week to start…

No one is excited for Monday to come because that means 5 days of going to work. I’m not excited for Monday to start because that means 5 days of being bored. Since 99.9% of the people in my life work or go to school or both, my weekdays are spent alone, which in turn means spending most days in the house. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m able to go for walks outside to get fresh air. But still, trying to find ways to fill 5 days a week is hard. Most days I watch more TV than is healthy, I write articles, and I know about EVERYONE’S business from spending hours a day on social media. I literally try to stay up late at night so I can sleep longer into the next day. Sad. Just sad.

Hi, my name is Frugal Fran…

How can you spend money when you aren’t making any? Although I am financially supported, there’s nothing like making your own money. When you don’t have a “real” source of income coming in, you look at life completely differently. Nine times out of ten, anytime I buy something, there is a discount attached to it. Grocery shopping is probably the only thing I’m not super strict on in terms of discounts, because food is a necessity (even though I definitely use coupons when they’re available).

As far as shopping for clothes and things of that nature, I always shop when there’s a sale going on, in addition to using sites like Ebates to get cash back. Now, most people would just say I’m a smart shopper, which I am, and most likely that will not change even when I get a job. However, I don’t get to just freely buy things too often, which luckily doesn’t bother me as much as it may bother other people.

The job search can be frustrating and discouraging…

I finished school in November, so for the past five months I’ve applied to tons of jobs. Most of them I don’t hear back from, and if I do hear back from any it’s to inform me that I didn’t get the job. That can get a little frustrating at times because it makes me feel like I’ll be stuck in an unemployment bubble forever.

While being unemployed might seem great as an outsider looking in, it definitely comes along with some cons. At first it was great, because I finished school during the holidays, so I was enjoying the holidays and excited that I didn’t have to go back to school afterwards. But as the months started passing, the days started getting longer and repetitive. My goal now is to start going to events that I find on MeetUp, whether they are networking events, or social events to just meet people. At this point, I feel like I need to expand my friend group and befriend other unemployed people so we can commiserate together.

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